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Updated: Jun 1

Finding just the right leadership book can be a struggle nowadays. There are so many that just regurgitate corporate concepts that hardly apply to everyday life. These next 5 books are perfect for Teen Leaders.

5) The Ideal Team Player - Patrick Lencioni

This leadership fable is another one of Pat's masterpieces. This book delves deeper into individual leadership and three crucial virtues that every team player needs to have. The fable part of Pat's books may seem odd at first, but they are an excellent way to introduce a new topic. This is a great read for anyone looking to take their team dynamic to the next level.

4) The Infinite Game - Simon Sinek

Simon explains the importance and difference of finite and infinite games. Leaders must embrace an infinite mindset in order to succeed and prevail on top. Rules are always changing, winners and losers are not clear, and the endpoint is never rock solid. This book changes the way you look at life and the many obstacles you face along the way.

3) The Ride of a Lifetime - Robert Iger

Former Disney CEO Robert Iger details his life and shares his ideas and experiences leading The Walt Disney Company. This inspiring story is packed full of advice and lessons for every type of leader. Robert explains making difficult decisions, building an authentic culture, and leading others to achieve the end goal.

2) Start with Why - Simon Sinek

Simon dives headfirst into the crucial process of beginning with WHY. He explains how some companies and leaders succeed while others do not. With the beloved Golden Circle concept, this book makes you think about your true motives. At its core, it's all about inspiring others and coming to terms with what inspires you.

1) The Five Dysfunctions of a Team - Patrick Lencioni

Quite possibly the most beneficial and life-changing piece of literature I have ever read. This leadership fable tells the story of a CEO trying to bring a dysfunctional team together in order to save a company. Pat reveals the five concepts throughout the plot of the story making their impact all the more significant. At the end of the fable, The Model is included where more detail and concrete information is provided. Every leader needs to read this book if they truly care about their team and making a difference.

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