Leading During Coronavirus

It's been over a decade since such an event took over our world. This means that today's leaders are working during unprecedented times. Many people will shy away during these months of quarantine and relax. However, this is not what a true leader does. How are we supposed to lead and inspire others during a time like this?

BEING UNCERTAIN IS GOOD! No one expects you to have all the answers in a time of crisis. In fact, your team would rather you be up front and honest about your fears and thoughts. This creates a sense of trust and relatability amongst a group.

EMBRACE THE ODD CIRCUMSTANCES! If you are like most of the world, virtual leading is a new task. This means that there are going to be mistakes, learning curves, and inefficiencies for some time. Embrace the learning process and make the best out of it. I can tell you right now, once this pandemic is over there the "Zoom Team" is going to be a lot more prevalent. Might as well become a master now.

BE EMPATHETIC! Everyone is dealing with the virus differently, Furthermore, everyone is affected by it differently. Show extra compassion to those around because you have no idea what they could be going through. I'm not saying be soft and touchy-feely, but reach out show that you really do care.

Just remember, no one knows exactly what is going on. But one thing is for certain, this is a time where each and every one of you can grow and improve as a leader.

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